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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Urgent Message for All Riverview Residents and Douglass Alumni!

An URGENT and IMPORTANT message for all Riverview Residents and Douglass Alumni:

PLEASE make plans to attend a specially-called community meeting on Wednesday, January 31st at 4:30 PM at the Kingsport City Hall, concerning the use of extra money that Kingsport is getting in the 12-million dollar HOPE VI federal funding grant for the Riverview Neighborhood.

In addition to the tearing down of the Riverview Apartments and the building of new homes, there will also be funds left over for the renovation of the Douglass High School building itself, the building of another gymnasium to go alongside the one there now, and even office space for your Douglass Alumni Association, as well as other proposed projects in the neighborhood.

Van Dobbins Jr. told the Reunion Committee meeting this past weekend (Photos in the PHOTO Section), that "it's very important to have a Black Presence at that meeting, to let the city know, we want to have a say in how leftover funds from Hope VI are spent in our Neighborhood. These federal funds will be matched by the City of Kingsport, and people in the Neighborhood need to show up and voice their opinions on this money.. if we don't attend and show support for spending the extra funds in OUR community, any extra money from HOPE VI could easily be spent someplace else OUTSIDE of Riverview."

This is a meeting all Riverview residents and Douglass Alumni should put on their calenders: Wednesday, January 31st at 4:30 PM, Kingsport City Hall. PLEASE BE PRESENT AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

Douglass Reunion Committee Meeting, January 27, 2007 and Upcoming Kingsport Times-News Article

Folks who don't attend the Douglass Reunion Committee meetings at St. Marks's Methodist Church are really missing some good times and a lot of fun.

We all got together on Saturday, January 27th to talk over a little business, and get the flyers mailed out officially announcing the Reunion to everybody on the Alumni Association mailing list. Photos from the meeting are in the PHOTOS Section, under "Douglass Reunion Committee Meeting, Jan. 27th." Be sure to read the captions under the pics. The pictures say it all.. a committee of friends and neighbors gathering to get the word out about the 2007 Reunion: "It's A Great Time To Come Home!" Afterwards, Prez Louetta Hall had snacks for us, and some diets went right out the window.

I've got a new digital camera now and our website now has a new picture server that accepts many more pictures.. again, just click on the meeting pictures to read the captions underneath.. they're a riot!
We got everything ready, so watch your mailboxes for the flyer.. fill out the registration form and get it back in soon.

Also, the Kingsport Times-News is doing a story on the Douglass Alumni Association, the Reunion and your Douglass Alumni Association Website. The photos from the photo shoot are also in the PHOTOS section under "Kingsport Times-News Photo Shoot." Page One of that photo section will show the Committee soaking in the atmosphere of Douglass inside the main hallway. Page 2 of that photo section is the Times-News Photo Shoot.. We had a great time with that, too. Not able to be present for the photo shoot were Douglas Releford, Vicky Smith (who holds an elected position with the Douglass Alumni Association) and Judy Phillips. These folks are very productive members of the Douglass Reunion Committee and the Alumni Association, and should not be forgotten for their contributions. Our thanks to Times-News reporter Jim McGuiness and photographer Ned Jilton II for their time and attention to the Douglass Alumni Association and the Douglass Website.

NEXT DOUGLASS ALUMNI REUNION COMMITTEE MEETING: Saturday, February 24, 2007, at 1 PM, in the Fellowship Hall at St. Mark's. EVERYBODY WELCOME!

Black History Month Events at the Central Baptist Church

Linda Bly and our neighbors at the Central Baptist Church have scheduled several Black History events scheduled for the Church on Douglass Street in Kingsport for the month of February, between the $th and the 25th. The title of this year's celebration is "Remembering Where We Came From." You'll also find these events posted on the Website Calender Page:

On Sunday, February 4th, during the 11 AM morning church service, there will be a "Power Point Celebration". Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brice will host our "Moment In Black History."

On Sunday. February 11th, also during the 11 AM morning church service, there'll be a "Power Point Presentation." On this day, Ms. Brenda Clark (daughter of Douglass High School Alumnus Richard Clark) will host our "Moment In Black History." The highlight of the service will be our speaker, Douglass Alumnus Mr. Edward Horton. Mr. Horton also chairs the 2007 Douglass Alumni Association Scholarship Committee for the Reunion this summer. He is also the main speaker at the Douglass Reunion Banquet at 6 PM on Saturday, June 30th.

On Sunday, February 18th during the morning church service at 11 AM, there will be a "Power Point Presentation," and the "Moment In Black History" will be hosted by Mrs. Mary Carpenter." The highlight pf the service will be the speaker, Mr. Paul Montgomery, who by the way holds the title of the FIRST African-American in the position of one of the Vice Presidents in the history of the Eastman Chemical Company and its predecessor, the Tennessee Eastman Company. Think of that folks.. Eastman employs thousands, at one EARLY point 16-thousand people, one of the largest employers in the state, and our own Paul Montgomery is one of the Vice Presidents!

And, during the 11 AM morning church service on Sunday, February 25th, there will be a "Power Point Presentation," featuring "The Bible," and "Famous African-Americans Who Succumbed In 2006." There will also be a presentation of a skit entitled "SEA CRUISE," a delightful story that reveals the History of our Ancestors, and will feature the talents of many of the youth and adult members of the Central Baptist Church and also a special appearance by talented "The New Vision Youth" group of Kingsport. There will also be a wonderful selection by saxophonist Curtis Montgomery, current a student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, and a member of the world famous University of Tennessee "Pride Of The Southland Marching Band."

Also after the service on Sunday, February 25th, we will be hosting a fellowship "Soul Food" supper for all of those who attend. We're also asking that everyone bring their favorite covered dish to share with everyone. That way, we will surely be blessed with more than enough delicacies to satisfy everyone's taste!
Please come out and celebrate the spirit of Black History this month at Central Baptist Church. We look forward to seeing you there, either at one of the services, or hopefully all of them!

Black History Month Events at the Bethel A.M.E. Zion Church

Johnnie Mae Swaggerty and the New Vision Youth want to invite everybody to the events for Black History Month, sponsored by our friends at the Bethel A.M.E. Zion Church, 812 Maple Oak Lane in Kingsport.. These events are also posted on the Website Calender Page:

We will be holding our 4th Annual Black History Program on Sunday, February 11, 2007 at 5:00 PM. The theme will be"Honoring Our African American Men and Women in the Education and Medical Fields." Guest speakers will include Dr. Ivy McQuirter, Dr. Dorothy Dobbins, and State Representative Nathan Vaughn.

On February 15th, 2007, Johnnie Mae Swaggerty will be reading "Black Poetry-Harlem" to the children at the Riverview Boys and Girls Club. Please bring the children to hear words of prose and inspiration written by our fine African-American poets.

New Vision Youth is holding a "Chittling Strut" to raise money for their Bahamas Cruise. The "Soul Food Chittling Strut" will be held on Saturday, February 17th, 2007 at 11:00 AM. It will be held at the Bethel A.M.E. Church at 812 Maple Oak Lane. The dates for the cruise to the Bahamas will be August 2nd through the 6th of 2007. The total cost is $458.

We will be holding a Black History Soul Food Pig Out Day at the Riverview Boys and Girls Club with Ms. Johnnie Mae on Thursday, February 22nd, 2007 at 4:00 PM. From Johnnie Mae: "This will be my third year doing Black History at the Riverview boys and Girls Club. I really enjoy this. This year, we are doing cooking with one of the most cooked farm animals during slavery and now, the "Pig Out" menu will consist of food from the pig where some of the youth have never tasted. Come stop by and have a taste." The menu will include: fried chittlings, pig ears, pig tail, barbeque pig feet, ribs, rice, brown beans, cole slaw, fried apples, fried greens with spinach, fried black skillet cornbread patties, and homemade chow-chow. (YUMMM.. save me some of THAT!)

In March during Spring Break, New Vision Youth and Hunger First will be partnering with Tracy Eaton of the East Lawn Cemetery to hold an "Abduction Prevention Program" for our children ages 4 to 15.

New Vision has also accepted the Douglass Alumni Association invitation to have a float in the Douglass Reunion Parade this year on Saturday, June 30th at 10 AM. Be sure to watch for us!

Hello To All From Reginald "Reggie" Delaney!

Got this message from Reginald (Reggie) Delaney.. he sent some pictures to everybody that are posted in the Photos Section:

Hello Calvin:
This is Reginald A.. DeLaney and I attended Douglas High School the last three years before the integration and bussing started. I am currently inGeorgia and have resided in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington;Vancouver, Washington; Vancouver BC Canada; and Whistler BC Canada for the past 20 plus years.

Thanks in advance,

R.A. DeLaney

A Note From Bert Webb

I would like to thank the Reunion committee for all their hard work. We have such fun during the reunion, off the "backs" of those in Kingsport who do the bulk of the work. If there is anything that I can do from this end, please let me know.

Thanks y'all!!Bert (Webb)

"Keeping The Dream Alive In Kingsport" (Reprinted from the Kingsport Times-News, January 16, 2007)

Kingsport marchers hope city will soon name street after Martin Luther King Jr.
Published 01/15/2007 By KEVIN CASTLE

Reformed racist shares story of redemption

Rain fails to dampen MLK observance in Wise

CLICK HERE for slideshow and HERE for photo gallery of march.

The Rev. Matthew Thomas, center, and other members of the Greater Kingsport Ministerial Association address a group of marchers in the parking lot at City Hall after Monday's Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade through downtown Kingsport. Photo by David Grace.
KINGSPORT - His impact on the civil rights movement was felt worldwide, but Pastor Ron Collins says the legacy of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. hasn't fully resonated in Kingsport - 38 years after King's death.
Until recently, the suggestion that a Kingsport street be named after King hadn't garnered much support since Collins and a handful of supporters held their first Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade here in 1996.
But their efforts may now pay off, Collins said Monday, when he spoke of a meeting held last week with Kingsport Mayor Dennis Phillips.

"We are trying to open up communication (with city leaders) relative to a street naming here in the area, and we came up with some ideas. I believe within the next month or so we will be communicating more with the mayor, and I am certain that something will happen. I'm positive," Collins said just before he joined other marchers on Monday.

Cody Hilderbrant was one of the marchers.

"I came here today to tear down the dividing walls of racism in this town," he said.
"Ever since I was young, I was raised in a racist environment where inappropriate comments were made, and I didn't appreciate them. And nowadays, we have churches that are either all white or all black, and that's got to change. We all have to mix and come together."

Jennabelle Bristol was a small child in Rogersville when a bullet fired from a nearby building struck and killed King on a balcony of the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis on April 4, 1968.
"The only thing I remember was that was a sad, sad day. A lot of people shed tears at a senseless tragedy," she said.
"Kingsport is doing a lot toward (Dr. King's) dream coming true. I know that people here are working harder to make things right in that sense, so I came out because the more I read about Dr. King and his ideas, the more I appreciate him. Maybe us marching will bring home that this city needs unity."

Although satisfied by the gathering Monday, Collins said he hopes the parade will gain more participants in future walks, including more from the youth contingent.
"We would like to coordinate something with the city school system. That's our next step," he said.
"If we can send a marching band to California to march in a parade, why can't our young folks be involved in a march like this in their hometown? We need to get the youth more involved because they are the ones who will continue this.

"The Coretta Scott Kings and Rosa Parkses of the world are gone now. Our children will have to pick up where we have left off, and the only way to start that tradition is have them involved."

Douglass Alumni Association Meeting of January 13, 2007

A very productive meeting of the Douglass Alumni Association Reunion Committee on January 13, 2007. Pictures from the meeting are posted in the Photos section.

Your 100-dollar registration will gain you admission to the "Meet and Greet" session at 6 PM Friday, June 29th. This is an opportunity to socialize with folks you haven't seen in a while and get caught up on all the news (and in some cases, gossip) of the neighborhood. Light refreshments will be served. The registration fee also gets you into the Douglass High School Alumni Association Banquet at Meadowview on Saturday night at 7 PM. The fee also provides a golf shirt (either goldish-yellow or blue, and either with the 2007 logo on it), and a complimentary gift bag.

One lucky registrant will also get their registration fee of 100 dollars back. There'll be a raffle where a FREE registration will be given away, to someone who's already paid. The drawing will be held at the "Meet and Greet" session at Meadowview at 6 PM Friday night, June 29th.

During the meeting, it was decided that Riverview's own, the "Scat Cats" will play at the dance after the banquet. The "Scat Cats," which include Donnie Flack, Kenneth Springs and the Wells Brothers, have long been a favorite of the neighborhood, and they should have all you "twinkletoes" jamming into the night at Meadowview (those of you whose arthritis and back problems are in check!)

Our speaker for the Banquet Service will be Douglass Alumnus Barbara O'Neil, and the speaker for the Memorial Service will be Edward Horton.

We now have the required parade permit for Saturday morning, June 30th, and we're hoping it will be bigger and better than ever. Churches and civic groups are urged to get a float together and participate, as well as invidual Douglass classes, past football players, basketball players (both men and women), past home economics classes and even some past Miss Douglass's. Contact Ozine Bly at if you'd like to take part.

The Reunion Committee is also working on beverage cups and/or containers, possibly consisting of coffee mugs, coasters and those tall, plastic drink decanters. Those items will be for sale at Registration, "Meet and Greet," Field Day and the other events. More details once the design is decided on.

The next meeting of the Douglass Reunion committee will be Saturday afternoon, January 27th at 1 PM at St. Mark's United Methodist Church on Maple Street. If you're not busy, please drop by and take part in the meeting. We need your suggestions!



100 Dollars!

100 dollars.

That's all you need to attend Riverview's premiere event.. the 2007 Douglass High School Reunion. 100 dollars gets you into the Banquet Saturday night where you can dance the night away, you can socialize with your classmates and Riverview neighbors at the Meet and Greet session Friday night at Meadowview, AND you get a two-year registration in the Douglass Alumni Association that comes with a courtesy bag with golf shirt (choose between a goldish yellow shirt or a blue shirt, either of them will also have the 2007 logo on them) and complimentary gift items. Your 100 dollars goes to fund scholarships and events the Alumni Association puts on, including the Reunion.

Folks, our Riverview Neighborhood is changing rapidly. The public swimming pool on Lincoln Street is now long gone, and the Riverview Apartments are scheduled to be torn down later this year, along with all the buildings on the Elks side of Lincoln Street. Our community will have a much different look by the time the 2009 Reunion comes around. This year's Reunion will be the last time for many of us to look back and remember a big staple of the community that's been here for 67 years!

Not to worry if you can't pay the entire 100 dollars right now! Your friendly, neighborhood Douglass Alumni Association takes payments on the installment plan. Pay what you can right now, then pay up to June 15th, when we really need to have everybody's individual payment in, to guarantee the correct size and order for your blue or gold (yellow) golf shirt. We keep good records, and can always let you know your balance.

Please send your payment to:

Douglass Alumni Association
P.O. Box 1936
Kingsport, Tennessee 37660

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Get your registration in today, so that we can socialize and remember together. All we have are each other, and our memories of home!

A Special Note To All From Yvonne Reese Williams

A Special Note To All From Yvonne Reese Williams:

I'm just so proud to come share in the Douglas Renunion Celebration for it allows me to reflect on my past, and Thank God for the present. I don't ever want to forget my roots nor from where I've come from. If it wasn't for Mrs. L. Allen, Dr. Helen Styles taking me under their wings teaching me how to organize and preside over meetings, and if it wasn't for Mrs. Pinkie Horton, I wouldn't being playing the piano in Churches today. She use to sit on the piano stool in order for me to play at Central. Come April 8th, 2007 I've been a Church musician now for 40 years. I don't ever want to rise too high that I forget where I got my start. I'm very much appreciative of having the opportunity to come share in such a wonderful celebration of the past. I must say hats off to the organizers for getting and keeping this renunion going. I look forward to attending these renunions.Blessing until we meet again.

Yvonne {Von} Reese Williams

Scams And What To Watch Out For!

There are a number of people out there trying to rip off our Douglass alumni and the people of Riverview. They sound like this:

"Somebody in Nigeria or some other African Country needs your help to transfer thousands or millions of dollars out of that country. They need your help to make the transfer."

"You've won thousands or millions of dollars in a foreign lottery.. all you have to do is pay the taxes or the processing fees to get the money."

"You may also get an offer for the product you're selling on E-BAY, that sounds too good to be true."

" The roofer working on your house, may also want either most or all of the money up front to do the job."

" The landlord you're renting from, may not be able to show you what he's done with your security deposit."

"You can get a free copy of your credit report by going to a popular website that advertises on TV all the time."

"Somebody calls from what sounds like a familiar charity, saying they need your contribution for their agency."

These are all ripoffs, and in my job as a consumer-investigative reporter, I have done stories on them all. Here's what I learned to watch out for, and what you need to do if you or your family and friends run across them..

NIGERIAN SCAM: The person who's emailed you, says they're an official in Nigeria or some other African company and they need your bank account number to transfer millions of dollars out of that country to keep the government from confiscating it. TRUTH IS, the person who's called you or sent you a letter is sitting in a "boiler room" in Nigeria, mailing list in hand, and contacting everybody on the list. He's fishing for a bite, somebody to buy his line, that he needs your bank account numbers. There are no funds to transfer, and if you give him your information, he'll use it to drain your bank account dry, or use your Social Security number to steal your identity. DON'T FALL FOR THIS RIPOFF.

FOREIGN LOTTO OR LOTTERY SCAM: You've been told you've won some lotto or lottery in Canada, Spain, France, Mexico, the Bahamas or some other foreign country. You can't recall actually playing a lottery in that country. The lotto company sends you what looks like a real check to cover processing fees, taxes or other requirements to get the thousands or millions of dollars, and you're told to cash the check, keep a small amount of it, and then Money-Gram the remainder to some adddress in Canada for taxes or processing fees. TRUTH IS, the check is phony, no matter how real it looks (checks are easy to print on any home computer). If you cash the check and send the money off, your bank will be calling in a few days, telling you the check has come back from the Federal Reserve as a phony check, and "when can you come in to pay the bank back the money you got from it?" If you win a lottery, you never have to pay taxes (they're taken out of the winnings before you get a check). Besides that, it's illegal for people in the United States to play foreign lotteries.
EBAY SCAM: The person who has bid on your product for sale, sends you money orders for much MORE than you're selling the product for. You're told to cash the money orders, take out the money for the product, and send the buyer back the money that's left. TRUTH IS, this is a new Nigerian scam. The money orders are fake, and the money you've just sent to the buyer is lost forever. DON'T CASH THE MONEY ORDERS UNTIL YOU'VE CHECKED THEM OUT AT THE POST OFFICE.

ROOFER/HANDYMAN SCAM: The roofer or home repairman wants either 50%, 75% or sometimes ALL of the money up front, before he starts your home remodeling job. TRUTH IS, the Tennessee Contractors Board recommends paying a home remodeler ONLY ONE THIRD of the total amount of the contract up front. Do not sign a contract if the contractor wants more than one-third down of the total amount of the contract up front, and don't let him pressure you into any more. Shop around for a LICENSED contractor first; they won't ask for more than a third up front because they've got good credit at the materials warehouse. You're also entitled to see receipts where the contractor has made purchases for your particular job.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: The landlord says you're not entitled to your security deposit back whenyou move out. TRUTH IS, Tennessee state law says, security deposits are ONLY to be used for damages when a tenant moves out. NOTHING ELSE. During the term of the lease (if you don't have a lease, the law says you have a month-to-month lease), Tennessee law says the landlord has to provide you with a bank account number where he has your deposit placed (although you won't be able to take any money out of the account, he still has to have the account). When you move out, if the landlord plans to keep all or part of the deposit, BY LAW he has to provide you with a written list of damages against the deposit amount.

FREE CREDIT REPORT: Commercials for Free Credit say you can get a copy of your credit report free of charge. TRUTH IS, the only way you can get a FREE credit report from this company, is if you sign up for its program, which costs money. After I did a story on them two years ago, the company started telling people in its advertising that a "subscription" was required to get the FREE credit report. (that was after one of their customer service representatives cussed me out). You CAN get a free credit report, that will not cost you ANYTHING, by going to That website takes you to the three credit reporting agencies where your report is available free of charge.

CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS: You get a call one day from a charity that SOUNDS like one you've heard of before, asking for donations. TRUTH IS, most of the money you give these sound-alike charities go to the charity's fund-raising efforts, NOT the programs to help the people you think you're helping. Go to to find out how much the charity gives to fundraising, and how much actually goes to programs.

I will post more of these scams and ripoffs as I get them.

---Calvin Sneed
What's old is about to become new again in Riverview.

Riverview's redevelopment by the City of Kingsport is proceeding with plans to tear down the 67-year-old Riverview Apartments, and replace them with around 32 new homes on the site. The apartments were built at the end of the Great Depression, just prior to World War II.

The 12 million dollars for the project is coming from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Agency, in the form of a HOPE VI grant. HOPE stands for Homeownership Opportunities for People Everywhere, and the grant for Kingsport can be viewed by any interested individual.

The HOPE program has funded the same kind of redevelopment in other communities around Tennessee. Knoxville used its HOPE grant to demolish the College Hills Apartments near Knoxville College and put in 40 single-family houses. That city also tore down part of the Austin Homes near Summit Hill Drive.. an empty field stands there now. In Chattanooga, HOPE funds tore down the Alton Park Projects, and new single-family homes there are in the finishing staqes. Public application files show projects demolishion plans have been applied for in Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Charlotte and Birmingham, Alabama. Cities have to go through a lengthy qualification process to get the grants.

Police in Knoxvile and Chattanooga tell this reporter, the redevelopment in their cities has cut down on the crime rate considerably. They also say, residents have been so proud of their new neighborhoods, that they report any suspicious activity they see. Apparently the drug dealers, thieves, robbers and law breakers that once roamed those neighorhoods, have now been forced to move and conduct business elsewhere.

As with the other cities, residents who live in the Riverview Apartments are being given first chance to apply for the new two, three and four bedroom homes, either for rent, or to own, and they'll be helped with low-interest loans and home ownership opportunities, and seniors are at the top of the list. Kingsport banks and lending institutions are already being educated about the program, and what to expect. During the rebuilding, all residents in the Riverview Apartments who live there now, will be given the chance to relocate to other public housing, be given Section 8 vouchers, or will be allowed to rent homes or apartments, as residents in Chattanooga and Knoxville were given. Residents in those cities were very happy with the program, and report few home application problems.

The HOPE grant given to the Kingsport Housing and Redevelopment Authority mandates the project has to be completely done in four-and-a-half years from now, and the first phase which has already started, involves getting interested Riverview Apartments residents to sign up and go through the qualification process, much like any home purchase process would be. As reported, preference is being given to seniors, and in Kingsport, those seniors that don't part, may be given the option of moving to a new planned home for seniors in the old Washington Elementary School building.

On a personal note, it is hoped that every resident being relocated, will take the time to become familiar with the rental process, and in the case of buying a home, the home ownership program. It can be a time of excitement, instead of a time of dread. There are lots of things to consider, like income, credit worthinless, and the ability to make corrections to a credit report. Sometimes in a credit report, you'll see a bill still on there that you paid off years ago. In the case of slow payments, that will lower your credit score, and if you paid off that bill years ago, there's absolutely no reason for it to still be on your credit report. Each resident should go into the process with a positive attitude, and be sure and take God with you. With God, All Things Are Possible!

The new Riverview homes are valued at between $120,000 to $160,000 apiece, and according to property tax assessors in Knox County and Hamilton County, the redevelopments have raised the property value of every other home in the Knoxville and Chattanooga neighborhoods where the new homes have been built. It's no secret this will happen in Riverview also. Published reports say demolishion of the Riverview Apartments will probably start in October of next year. but not until all the residents have been relocated.
New pictures have been posted next to the history of our school on the history page. In this order, they are:

1. Oklahoma Grove School, 1921 (courtesy Mrs. Gladys Bly collection)

2. Oklahoma Grove School, 1926

3. Douglass High School Athletics, with "Miss Douglass 1937," Willie McClintock

4. Ellen Gwynne Howell, teacher and Professor Albert H. Howell, principal

5. Mrs. Cora Cox, Tennessee's Top Teacher!

6. Professor V. O. Dobbins, Sr., Douglass High School Principal

7. Douglass High School, E. Sevier Avenue at Center Street

1st Floor: 4 classrooms, gynasium-auditorium, home economics & cafeteria in rear, boys & girls bathrooms on either side of building
2nd Floor: 4 classrooms, library in front

8. Douglass High School Tigers, Tri-State Champs, 1958

9. Douglass High School Tigerettes, courtesy Faye Long collection

10. Douglass High School Marching Band, 1964

11. Douglass Elementary Fourth Grade French Play: John (Sunny) Campbell, Natalie (Nat) Smith, Calvin Sneed, Vicki Wood

12. Honor Certificate for Perfect Attendance

13. Douglass High School Final Graduation, June 1966

2007 Douglass High School Reunion Registration Form

Douglass High School Reunion Registration Form
(Please copy, fill out and mail with fee to address below)

Name (1)____________________________

Name (2)____________________________





Shirt Size, Quantity____________________


Medium ______________

Large ______________




Registration Fee for Alumni $100, Non-Alumni Spouse $50, Child $25

Please enclose full payment, or partial payment_________________

amount due____________________

Vendor Fee______________________________

TOTAL FEE SUBMITTED___________________________________

Douglass Alumni Association
P.O. Box 1936
Kingsport, Tennessee 37660


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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