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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

100 Dollars!

100 dollars.

That's all you need to attend Riverview's premiere event.. the 2007 Douglass High School Reunion. 100 dollars gets you into the Banquet Saturday night where you can dance the night away, you can socialize with your classmates and Riverview neighbors at the Meet and Greet session Friday night at Meadowview, AND you get a two-year registration in the Douglass Alumni Association that comes with a courtesy bag with golf shirt (choose between a goldish yellow shirt or a blue shirt, either of them will also have the 2007 logo on them) and complimentary gift items. Your 100 dollars goes to fund scholarships and events the Alumni Association puts on, including the Reunion.

Folks, our Riverview Neighborhood is changing rapidly. The public swimming pool on Lincoln Street is now long gone, and the Riverview Apartments are scheduled to be torn down later this year, along with all the buildings on the Elks side of Lincoln Street. Our community will have a much different look by the time the 2009 Reunion comes around. This year's Reunion will be the last time for many of us to look back and remember a big staple of the community that's been here for 67 years!

Not to worry if you can't pay the entire 100 dollars right now! Your friendly, neighborhood Douglass Alumni Association takes payments on the installment plan. Pay what you can right now, then pay up to June 15th, when we really need to have everybody's individual payment in, to guarantee the correct size and order for your blue or gold (yellow) golf shirt. We keep good records, and can always let you know your balance.

Please send your payment to:

Douglass Alumni Association
P.O. Box 1936
Kingsport, Tennessee 37660

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Get your registration in today, so that we can socialize and remember together. All we have are each other, and our memories of home!