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Friday, January 7, 2022

Riverview Snow? Oh Yeah!


The latest snow blast yesterday nipped the Tri-Cities area with an average of 3 inches.. some folks got more, others got less.

Above, this is what Riverview woke up this Friday morning on January 7th.

Enough to cover the ground, but not slush the streets.  16 degrees, at 11 AM, 22 degrees by 1 PM.  As you can see in the picture above, it was trying to snow again.

Please don't forget to call and check on our seniors, loved ones and shut-in's.. make sure they have food, medicine and heat.  

Elsewhere around Kingsport using the WCYB cameras, this is the morning view from the DB Stadium.

East Stone Drive, above, appears to be clear with no snow.

Our friends in Johnson City above appear to be able to move around at normal speeds with a couple of inches of snow.. much less than they got a few days ago.


Over the mountain in Boone, North Carolina, they got their usual mountain snow above, at least five inches, more or less in some spots.

For our friends at the Appalachian African-American Cultural Center in Pennington Gap, VA the snow was a little heavier in the picture above.

To the west of Kingsport, traffic was moving pretty good in West Knoxville in the above picture.

Meanwhile, Middle Tennessee took the brunt of this storm.  When the snow in the picture above began in Nashville beside Nissan Stadium looking at downtown, weather forecasters already knew the Nashville area would get a lot.  It still caught folks off guard.

Nashville traffic is finally moving after getting about 8 inches of snow, give or take, in the picture above.  Businesses are closed and folks are encouraged to stay inside and avoid travel.