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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Snow in Riverview


Remember back in the day when us kids would be waiting for the snow, just so we could get outside and play in it?  How many yards had snowmen in them?  How many snowball fights would we have?  How many cardboard sleds were coming down Clay Hill? 

Click the play button above twice, to relive some great memories of snowing in Riverview.  What does it make you remember?  This video is from the Douglass office in the V.O. Dobbins tower.

I had to leave on Monday to get back to Chattanooga before the weather got bad (and it still did... took me 6 hours for a trip that normally takes 3), but before I left, I took a riding tour of the Riverview neighborhood while it was snowing.  That video is hopefully coming soon.