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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Speech: The History of African-Americans in Kingsport New Edition: June 10, 2024


If you were born or raised in Riverview, it's a presentation you don't want to miss.

As always happens with ongoing research, the History of African-Americans in Kingsport has been updated.  Months of discovering new aspects that shaped the Black community in Kingsport have now been added to the history.

During the presentation, we'll go from slavery (yes, there was slavery in Kingsport), through the early 20th century, to the beginnings of our namesake Douglass School and Riverview (the neighborhood that was built on a dumpsite), and then enduring the trials and tribulations of ultimately making our community a place to be proud of.  We'll also talk about the one single thing that is standing in the way of our community's future, and it's not what you think.


The original presentation several years ago was the result of almost a year of going through papers, reading articles, talking with our neighbors who experienced the community's growing pains, and visiting the landmarks that live in our memories.  We have now expanded that and I've added some previously unseen video clips to help tell our story.  Everything you see and hear is not opinion... it's fact and it comes from someone in the community, who experienced it enough to remember it.

In honor of our 2024 Juneteenth celebration, the presentation "History of African-Americans in Kingsport" will be on Monday, June 10th beginning promptly at 11:30 AM in the Douglass Room of the V.O. Dobbins Sr. Complex, 301 Louis Street, Kingsport.

You need to register for the lite refreshments (scan with your phone's camera the QR code in the ad at the bottom,  or by going to this link to register for lunch

There will also be a SHORT 10-15 minute midbreak.  Come one, come all, come early to get a good seat and bring someone with you.


The event is free of charge and is sponsored by the United Way of Greater Kingsport.