Sunday, March 22, 2009

Douglass Alumni Trustee Board Meeting - March 21, 2009

At the regular meeting of the Douglass Alumni Board of Trustees, work continued shoring up and finalizing plans for the upcoming Alumni Reunion this 4th of July.

In old business, discussions continue getting Richard Ford and his D-J Express to provide music for the Reunion Sock-hop on Friday night, July 3rd, and the Reunion Banquet on Saturday night, July 4th. Trustee Ozine Bly will take several questions from the Board to Mr. Ford, concerning his price and availability for the nights needed, and will report back at the next board meeting.

That led to the Alumni Association's entry in the Kingsport 4th of July Parade on Saturday morning, July 4th. The board has decided not to build a float because of the expense involved in making a good one, so trustees discussed whether to have an open pick-up truck, a convertible, or a flat-bed truck pulled by a truck, all adorned with the Douglass School banner and other decorations. Nothing was decided at this time, and the issue was tabled for future discussion at the next board meeting.

On Field Day, July 4th, it was reported to the Board that the permanent shelters on the Douglass Ballfield have been reserved for the alumni, and can be decorated. Arrangements are being made with the city of Kingsport for electricity for the 3-hour event. Vendors will provide their own tents and equipment.. rental spaces will be 25 dollars, payable to the Douglass Alumni Association, of which money goes directly to the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

In new business, potential advertisers for the Reunion Souvenir Booklet are being solicited to purchase ad space. New letters going out to ad customers will include the Alumni Association's new "non-profit" designation. Calvin Sneed reported that he had sent out 14 letters to potential advertisers, along with a Souvenir Ad form to be filled out. All black churches and the various districts they belong to, will be contacted, along with the local shopping malls.


After the meeting adjourned, and the pot luck lunch, trustee members resigned themselves to the task of stuffing envelopes with invitation letters for the upcoming Reunion, to be sent to all the alumni for which the Board has addresses for.

An assembly line was set up, with some members folding the letters, some stuffing them into the envelopes, and others putting address labels on them. After such a full lunch, the line had its ups and downs, but in the end, mission accomplished!