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Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Mothers of the Riverview Neighborhood"

On Sunday, May 12th, we will pause to remember our Mothers as we celebrate and commemorate "Mothers Day."

We talk all the time about the women of Riverview, who continued as they were raising their own children, helped raise the other children of the community.   No matter where you went in the community, you were always under the watchful eye of a Mom in the neighborhood, whose spirit of motherhood still floats over the neighborhood as a beacon of shining light.  It shaped us alll at some point.

Whether it was giving us cookies or food as we played outside, offered encouragement at church and school events, or even yelled at us or spanked us when they saw us doing something wrong, these "Mothers of Riverview" gave us the discipline we needed, right there when we needed it... didn't matter if we were their child or not.    It was always said, "if you got caught doing something bad in Riverview, you'd get a whipping from whoever caught you, then you'd get another one when you got home."

It's past time we honor these "Mothers of Riverview."

As a result, please send us a picture of your mother, whether she is still with us, or long gone, along with a caption of how she influenced your life, but MORE IMPORTANTLY....  If you know of someone else's Mom in the neighborhood who influenced you with either advice or a good whupping, please send us their picture, too, along with a caption of who she is, and how she helped you in the growing-up process.  You might even mention one of those events that sticks out in your mind where her influence was strong.

Please send your pictures and captions to:

We will gather those pictures in a special album, to remember "The Mothers of Riverview Who Helped Raise All of Us."  We're planning to publish it Mother's Day weekend this year.

They were the "Mothers of Riverview."  In their small way, they shaped us all, and we hold them forever in our hearts. 

Their wide-reaching influence, is what continues to make our neighborhood special.