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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Problems Viewing Old Picture Albums in Past Stories

One of our Douglass alumni pointed out a problem with viewing pictures from past stories on the website.

When you click on the link to see photo albums and slideshows from stories prior to January 1st, the Webshots page for SMILE tells you that the pictures you're trying to see, are no longer available.

Here's the lowdown:

From day one, Webshots has been the primary photo server for the Douglass website.  I chose Webshots because I could download hundreds of photos at one time into individual albums, and then provide links to the albums.  This was an extremely popular link because we love pictures in the Riverview community and the alumni association.. in fact, so popular that I became a premium member of Webshots so that I could upload thousands of Douglass-Riverview pictures that I have taken since the website began.  At one point, we had over THREE MILLION views to all of our pictures.

To make a long story short.... Webshots was sold last year and everybody who paid to have a premium account, had all of their pictures transferred over to the new company, SMILE.  For some reason, our account was not transferred over on January.  I am now in contact with Webshots to find out where all of our pictures are.

Not to worry.... all the pictures I have taken over the years, are saved in the order of dates taken, in three different places outside of Webshots, so I can always put them back onto the website.  I will always have them.  

Our new photo server is Flickr, the photo server offered by Yahoo.

Once I find out where SMILE has transferred our pictures, I'll let you know when they're back online.  In the meantime, I DO NOT SUGGEST signing up with SMILE just to see our pics, or even clicking on the links to see photos and pictures.