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Thursday, November 28, 2013

First Snow of the Season in Riverview!

Photos from Willie Hodge

This was the snowy scene on on a gray Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving 2013 in Riverview. The view is towards the parking lot in front of the V.O. Dobbins Tower Complex.

Our neighborhood received about an inch of snow, from a dusting to an inch and a half in some spots.

The day before Thanksgiving, ominous warnings were given all over the South and Midwest about heavy rain and high wind marching in a line from Texas and the Gulf Coast, on up to Michigan. Snow alerts were put out throughout Tennessee.

With temperature predictions somewhere in the upper 20's to low 30's for the Tri-Cities, snow was bound to happen.

Sure enough, Wednesday the snow arrived.. just enough to white up the yards, but leave the streets mostly wet and slick.

No icy conditions were reported, and Thanksgiving Day warmed enough that most of the snow disappeared. Still, some white spots hung around in the shadows.

This view courtesy the Kingsport Times-News further down Sullivan Street at downtown, shows how the snowfall varied in density as it spread over the area.

No doubt.. this is a forecast of things to come in our community, just like it was back in the day with most of us were growing up. Messy snow and slush to trudge and play through, with Momma always telling us to "wipe your feet before you come in this house!"