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Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015 Douglass Reunion Plans Progressing

Plans for the Douglass Reunion are progressing.

The event is scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 3rd, 4th and 5th in Kingsport.

Plans are for a meet-and-greet for returning Douglass alumni and alumni in the community for Friday night, July 3rd.  The event will be held in the Douglass Community Room at the V.O. Dobbins, Sr. Complex.

Instead of a gathering in the Douglass Ball Field, the Reunion's Field Day will be a picnic at the Eastman Cabin at Bays Mountain Park on the Fourth of July afternoon.  Efforts are also underway to have a barge tour on the Kingsport Reservoir at the Bays Mountain Planetarium.

That night features a banquet with music, also held in the Douglass Community Room.

Sunday's events on July 5th include attending the church of your choice that morning, then the Douglass Memorial Service in the Douglass Community Room.

Thanks to everyone who have notified the Alumni Board of their plans to attend, and a reminder that if you haven't done so, please let the Board know so that enough food can be ordered.  You can do that by emailing our Board Secretary Vicki Smith at

Also, a reminder that dues for the upcoming operational year for the Sons and Daughters of Douglass Alumni Association are payable now.  Please don't forget that the Board needs all former Douglass alumni and all descendants of Douglass alumni to pay dues and maintain the Association's programs.
Please mail your dues to:

Sons and Daughters of Douglass Alumni Association
301 Louis Street, Ste. 104
Kingsport, TN 37660

Thank you!