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Friday, May 27, 2011

Douglass Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - May 14, 2011

Meeting in the Eastman Conference Room of the V.O. Dobbins, Sr. Complex.

Attendance: Sheila Leeper, E. Ruth Russell, Dawnella Ellis, Kathy Evans, Sandra Wilmer, Douglas Releford, Andra Watterson, Calvin Sneed, Thelma Watterson, Ozine Bly, Louetta Hall, Judy Phillips, quorum met.

Meeting was called to order by President Douglas Releford, prayer by Ruth Russell.

Minutes of the last meeting was read by Thelma Watterson. Motion to accept the reading was made by Kathy Evans, second by Andra Watterson. Motion carried.

Financial Report was given by Sandra Wilmer. Motion to accept the report was made by Andra Watterson, second by Dawnella Ellis. Motion carried.

Old Business:

Thelma Watterson read the minutes from the February 21, 2009 meeting about who should receive flowers. The minutes state that the Trustee Board Members immediate family will receive flowers and all other alumni will receive a card. There was discussion about whether or not amendments should be made concerning the sending of flowers. Douglas Releford stated that we should leave the by-laws the way they are. Calvin Sneed made a motion that the board should give Douglas some money since he (Douglas) took it upon himself to send Coach Deering flowers, second by Thelma Watterson. Motion carried.

Ozine Bly wanted to know where the reunion dance (food, fun & entertainment) would take place because the location was not included in the minutes. At the close of the last meeting it was not clear as to where the dance would be, but it will be held at the Mead Cabins.

Douglas Releford stated that we need to finalize the work on the Ad Booklet. A meeting is planned for June 4, 2011 to finalize. Douglas also reported that the scholarship Committee has sent 29 letters to the graduating seniors.

New Business:

Dawnella Ellis wanted to know how many vendors we have for Field Day, no one knew.

Andra Watterson suggested that we need to have refreshments for Friday Registration Day.. Douglas Releford will advise the Event Planning Committee.

Sandra Wilmer asked if we really need a telephone in the office. Douglas Releford stated that we have a one year package deal that includes internet and telephone; after the year is up we will re-negotiate.

Calvin Sneed stated that he was going to start-up the on-line merchandise store.
Next meeting is scheduled for June, 4, 2011.

Adjournment was made by Ozine Bly, second by Andra Watterson. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Thelma Watterson, Recording Secretary