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Monday, May 30, 2011

Little Miss Vision Pageant 2011

The "Belles of the Ball" turned on their charm, and a crowded auditorium was putty in their hands.

And when everything was done and said, Autumn Watts was crowned Little Miss Vision 2011.

It's the 8th year for the pageant.

Click here to see a slideshow of pictures from this year's event.

The Little Miss Vision Pageant was held at the Kingsport Renaissance Center Saturday night, May 28, 2011, and organizer Lillian Leeper says, it was the largest field of young ladies ever.

Based on the "A" attributes of (A)ttitude, (A)ppearance, and (A)bility, 13 young area girls faced the crowd and the cameras, some for the first time, modeling first for poise, then leisurewear, then each was escorted and presented to the audience in eveningwear. The pageant teaches the girls poise, presence, and instills self-confidence.

There was a litle nervousness in the air, but nothing each young lady couldn't get over. As their time came, each one left the audience with a good feeling.. that this young person was destined for great things in the future, because the biggest accomplishment of their lives had been reached: the ability to speak in front of a large crowd of people.

Click on the PLAY button on the TV screen above to hear "I Cried My Last Tear Yesterday" by Tiara Jordan.

If you have trouble with that link, click this one to hear the song.

Tiara was one of the counters for the judges at the pageant. She attends the Central Baptist Church.

1st Runner Up was K'Miyah Shaw, and 2nd Runner Up was Miracle Watterson. Each of the young ladies received a trophy for Miss Congeniality.

Anthony Adams was the emcee. Last year's winner was Qu'edence Somerville.