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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Attention Clay Hill Children: Your input is needed

TO EVERYBODY WHO USED TO PLAY UP ON CLAY HILL: I need your input for a story that I am doing on Clay Hill, once "Riverview's First Unofficial Playground."

I'm doing a story on the future of the area.

If you have any remembrances at all of going up on Clay Hill to play, please send them to me.

What did you and your neighborhood friends do while up there?

What activities do you remember doing? Did you have any pets that you kept up there?

How much trouble did you get into, for going up on Clay Hill?

Please send your responses to: as soon as possible.

And please elaborate... no one or two sentence answers. The fun that many of us had on Clay Hill back in the day, was much longer than just two sentences. Go into detail. Tell me things about your friends when you all played up there.

Once you've sent me your responses, I'll tell you why I need them.

Thanks in advance!

Calvin, Your Website Editor