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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Please Help if you can!

Corey Robinson of Kingsport (Horse Creek) is waiting on a kidney and a pancreas transplant, and until that happens, he needs our support!  The following note is from his mother, Kathy Jones Robinson:

It's the up most importance to donate to a great cause, it doesn't matter if its $1.00 or 20.00 is what comes from your heart!!those of you who know my son ('LIL VIC DANGER) Corey, his father is looking down from heaven and saying "AWWWW come on you guys lets get this done!!!

His dad loved him and was one his great supporters, so dig deep down in your heart and think if this was your only way to stay alive is by donating a few bucks to keep my s...on alive, he is a great person and very loving husband, father, mentor and has more faith than i can explain has had to battle this for 30 years of his 37 years of his life,as his MOTHER those that have a child that has been in the hospital so many times , i have lost count.

Let's get this moving for he is so deserving and this is my truth and prayer that he be able to get a KIDNEY & PANCREAS TRANSPLANT, so he can enjoy the rest of his life, if you know him like I do you would love him as much, he is a good son, a great blessing that GOD has place on this EARTH.

Please click here if you can donate!

Thank you!