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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Great Suggestion From Brenda Huff Bond!

May I suggest a section for "teachers" and a little bio about their lives, where are they and what they are doing now. I think a few have passed on, so we should have a "memorial" section for them as well.I do not have this info, but I'm sure some someone has a few leads.Where is Mr. Deering, Ms. Crump, Ms. Goins, Mr. Jolly, Mr. Saunders, Mr. & Mrs. Steele???

You are doing a great job on the website. I love reading the updates. Keep up the good work. We have needed something like this for so very long, and now we have the technology to serve the purpose.

Brenda Huff Bond

FROM CALVIN: Folks, Brenda's got a great idea. We've talked about it in conversation at the Reunion Committee meetings, but it's information everybody needs to know. Who wants to get the ball rolling? Please send me your favorite Douglass teacher's name, the class they taught, information on their whereabouts (alive or no longer with us), what inspiration you got from them, what you remember about the teacher in class, or some little something about the class itself. I'll find a picture of the teacher and we'll share it with everybody!