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Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's A Walk Back Through Time!

In the next few days and weeks of Black History Month, we're taking a walk down Memory Lane with some of our friends and neighbors who moved to Riverview in the 30's and 40's, once the City of Kingsport decided where it wanted its African-American citizens to live. These are excerpts from a wonderful publication entitled "Love Thy Neighbor--Discovering Our Community." These are resident interviews for an Environmental Justice Project conducted by Kingsport Citizens For A Cleaner Environment in September of 2005. Through their experiences, it's an eye-opening look into the lives of Kingsport's African American residents who helped established the foundation for our neighborhood. Pictures are also with the testimonials, and if you've got any pictures that go along with the stories, please send them to me! We'll be doing at least one interview per day until the end of Black History Month.

All of those Oral Histories have their own link now on the home page, and also on the history page.

We've also got a feature on, probably the ONLY place in the Tri-Cities where you will still find the word "COLORED" on a public sign.