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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Messages From Your Friends!

Neighbors and Friends! Got these messages in the past couple of days from some of your friends:


Hello Sons and Daughters of Douglass, Kudos to the Association, members and friends. Special kudos to Calvin, Roberta and Donald. The website is Great, it's informative and It's Home. Thanks for your dedication and I love you much.



THANKS, Dr. Sneed, I have the website locked in now! Jenny sent (the website address) to me yesterday, and I truly enjoyed my visit to our site yesterday. You, Bert and Don have done an OUTSTANDING job!!! P.S.: Say "HEY" to my ole classmate, Edward Horton! It looks like he's jumped right in, as tho he never left home!!! THAT'S GREAT!!!

Sincerely, floyd p


Committe members, I finally actually looked at pics from your last meeting. I believe it was probably my bad and not the computer's, but I wasn't able to open when I tried to, initially.
You guys were looking good as you were "taking care of business"!!! (smiles)--got me all excited about the reunion. Guess I should send in some money, den, huh????hahaha Be Blessed--hope you' having a good day.......

doris c


Dear Calvin, (regarding the City Hall Meeting on the extra funds from HOPE VI).. it will be a good idea to use some of the funds for remodeling the auditorium, for theater night, drama productions, "sing a night," talent, special meetings and so much more. Dream it. Movie night, sell popcorn and other refreshments to help raise money for the community, college funds for the Douglass Alumni program. There is so much you can do with the auditorum if we just have vision. I hated about the Douglass Pool, I learned to swim (there), and because of that I have saved some lives, Thank God. You never take resources out of your community, but you build to it. I would have had the pool remodeled, close it in for all year, put in a steam room, hot tub. It would be the attraction of the city. With the new housing coming up, the community would love having a place to go to in the winter with their families, pool parties in the winter that would help raise money and so much more. How can a sprinkling system help children, and besides that, it would give employment all year round, if not too late to do some changes.

Mary Cathy Pride