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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fun Fest Treasure Medallion Hidden at V.O. Dobbins

• In the grand finale of the 2014 Kingsport Fun Fest Treasure Hunt Friday, three medallions were hidden, and the Douglass folks got this note from Mark Franklin about it, and we found info and a picture at the Kingsport Times-News. Check out Mark's first clue.. many of us Douglassites might remember it:

"I have run the Kingsport Treasure Hunt as an independent event during Fun Fest week the past 2 years. I thought your organization would appreciate knowing that this morning I hid a medallion at the old Douglass High School in Riverview. The three clues were:

Fri. 7/18-Med. #2-Clue #1-Ole Slater had a rooster. He sat him on the fence. He cried for this place, 'cause he had some sense.

Fri. 7/18-Med. #2-Clue #2-Where sons and daughters once proudly strolled, through the halls of the blue and gold.

Fri. 7/18-Med. #2-Clue #3-Once named for an orator, now it's a community center. In view of the river, its students used to enter.

My late grandfather attended many Douglass football games. He said the cheerleaders were unmatched by any other squads. He passed along to me the cheer that I used as the first clue."

Chris Rasnick (right) found one of the extra medallions hidden at the old Douglass High School (V.O. Dobbins Sr. Community Center) after the second clue at 12:19 p.m, about 50 minutes after that clue was given. He gets to keep his medallion and received a finder’s T-shirt.

Our thanks to Mark Franklin for thinking of us.  It's amazing that the young man recognized our alumni name after the second clue; the third clue would have probably given the location away immediately. We should be proud as alumni, that our name is recognized in the community by even the youngest of its citizens!