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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Decked out in Douglass Blue and Gold: Order Your Apparel Right Now for the Tribute Game from the Douglass Apparel Store!


The Douglass High School Apparel Store is open for business right now!

If you want to dress up in the Blue and Gold of the Douglass Tigers, the Dobyns-Bennett Athletic Department has set up an online store at Action Apparel in Kingsport, to offer long-sleeve and short-sleeve cotton tee-shirts, and long-sleeve fleece sweatshirts in two styles (one with a hoodie) all emblazoned with the Douglass Tiger on the front, as pictured above.

Here's the web address to order:

Click here to order your Douglass apparel!

The pictures above are what you'll see when you go to the website (click on the pictures to bring the images up to full size), but go to the website link to order.

NOTE:  The DB - Science Hill home game in Kingsport is about a month away.  That means if you want your items shipped to you after ordering, they may not arrive at your house in time for the home game on December 17th.

If you are coming to the home game at the Buck Van Huss Gym at D-B on December 17th, IT IS IMPERATIVE that you order first, THEN PICK UP YOUR ITEMS FROM ACTION APPAREL.  You have to "opt in" for pickup at the store when you checkout on Action's website after placing your order.  All apparel will be ready for pickup the week of December 13th.

For pickup, Action Athletics is located at 889 West Center Street, Kingsport, phone number 423-246-8326.  The business is west of downtown just past the Center Street-Lynn Garden Drive "T" intersection, down on the left just past the old Scott Adams Skateboard Park.

If you're not coming to the home game in Kingsport on December 17th, but you want some Douglass shirts, you can have them shipped to you and they'll arrive in time to wear to the  DB - Science Hill away game in Johnson City on February 4th.  That game is going to be a big deal, too because there will be more of them Langston people there, running their mouths about who's best.

Your Douglass apparel will match the uniforms of the D-B Indians, who will be wearing the Douglass Tiger Blue and Gold colors for both games (again, Science Hill will be wearing the colors of the Langston Golden Tigers and as usual, them (Golden) Tiger imitators are coming into our house on December 17th, and will then be in full force at whatever they call that place in Johnson City on February 4th to try and show us up---we'll show them we've got more school spirit than they have, or ever will have).

Douglass-Langston in basketball and football was always the biggest games in the Tri-State Conference and for good reason... we always won (when they weren't trying to jealously beat us up).

We'll see you dressed in your Douglass Tigers apparel on December 17th.  I'll also be modeling the apparel at the Douglass Alumni Board meeting on November 13th, so you'll know what you're getting.