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Friday, November 19, 2021

Note to Riverview Motorists


Passing along a note to folks who drive in an out of Riverview on Martin Luther King Drive during the week.....

The crosswalk warning lights on MLK going in and out of Riverview between the railroad parking lot and the Eastman headquarters close to Wilcox Drive are now working again.  

A Public Works crew has trimmed the overhanging tree branches circled in red in the picture above, that blocked sunlight from reaching the solar panels that power the flashing lights.

But please remember to watch out anyway for pedestrians in that crosswalk when the lights are, or not flashing.  State law is on their side:  

"In Tennessee, pedestrians have the right of way over vehicles in any marked crosswalk," according to TCA 59-835(a).

Now if a pedestrian is crossing the roadway OUTSIDE a crosswalk, he or she must yield the right of way to motorists, according to the same law.  But if they are inside the crosswalk, whether the lights are flashing or not, THEY have the right of way and you must stop for them until they cross the street, road or highway.

Please be careful.  The fines for violations of that law are not pretty.