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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Top Ten Pet Peeves In The Office


1) Your lazy co-worker gets promoted before you. That is so WRONG!

2) My boss doesn't even know my name.. it's been 3 years, for crying out loud.

3) Who ate my sandwich that was in the fridge?

4) Loud co-worker. Please quit yelling, I'm in the cubicle next to you, you idiot.

5) Co-worker brings kid to work...somebody please tell me when this became a

6) That same co-worker has a 30-minute meeting with the boss, and we have to watch
the kid she brought to work. What is this, the MALL?

7) I hate when I get a million unnecessary responses to an email, because somebody
"reply all.""

8) Co-worker too busy to answer the phone. Put your voicemail on. Just because I
have a notepad, I am NOT your secretary.

9) Please turn off your cell phone at the office. Nobody wants to hear that stupid,
annoying ringtone at work. Ever heard of "vibrate?"

10) I don't smoke. How come I don't get those 10-minute breaks away from my desk
every day?

11) Co-workers who don't clean up their own messes. This place is a pig sty!

12) Do we have to celebrate EVERYTHING? I've gained about 10 pounds eating all of
that cake.

13) We're only co-workers. You don't have to give me funny little nicknames like
Sport, Kiddo, Champ or Dude.

14) Don't you hate it when people listen to their voicemail on speakerphone?

15) If you hate your job so much, just quit. I never wanted to hear about your
problems. I actually like my job!