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Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 Shiloh Neighborhood Carnival

The activities were plentiful, good food felt good to the tummy, and there were smiles abound.

The 10th year of the Shiloh Neighborhood Carnival in Kingsport's Riverview community brought children and adults alike to the Shiloh Baptist Church parking lot for fun, prizes and good fellowship.

To see a slideshow of the 2011 Shiloh Neighborhood Carnival, please click here.

For the kids, there was face-painting, bubbling blowing, and visits from the Sullivan County Sheriff's Department's souped-up crime Camaro, an engine company from the Kingsport Fire Department, and other games. For the adults, there was a dislay from the county health department, bingo, and the free clothes giveaway for the needy, which also included shoes.

Afterwards, the neighborhood was treated to hot dogs, chips and soft drinks.

Pastor Kenneth Calvert also took time out to talk about the joint Vacation Bible School that Shiloh is partnering with the Central Baptist Church to offer the kids this summer season.

It's the first time the two churches have joined forces to offer Vacation Bible School.

"It's an effort to reach all the young folks in the neighborhood," he said. "It shows that churchs can work together. At regular church services, we both serve some of the same families and some of the same children. We can bring them all together and enrich them them with the same component at Vacation Bible School. We're looking forward to a good time."

"The school will be at Central Baptist Church, the service starting at 6 PM and will end at 8 PM.. we'll feed the kids, and we'll also have arts and crafts for them," says Reverend Calvert.