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Friday, December 3, 2021

Passing Notice Announcement


Frequently, we get obituaries and remembrances and post them within just a day or two of the deceased's actual funeral.  The reason is because if we notice them in the newspaper, we grab them and post them on the Douglass-Riverview website as soon as we see them.

A day's notice before a funeral is really not enough time to let our folks, your family, friends and neighbors adjust their schedules to be able to attend the going-home.  Given the high cost of posting an obituary in the newspaper, it's understandable why it might appear in the paper just once.

BUT... if you send the obituary and a picture to us as soon as your family has finalized it, we can post it on the Douglass-Riverview website the minute we get it days before the funeral, AND IT'S FREE OF CHARGE.  That way, your friends and neighbors will know the passing announcement and funeral arrangements well in advance of the actual day.  Many of our people have been taking advantage of the quickness of notification and the money savings.

You want your friends, neighbors and loved ones to be able to adjust their schedules and come pay their last respects to the family, so why wait until the last minute and spend a lot of money, when the website can post the obituary and picture quickly for FREE?  Why spend all that extra money?  You can still have it posted in the newspaper and we want you to do that, but with your Douglass-Riverview website and its hundreds of subscribers, the word gets out much quicker to OUR folks.  Oh, did I mention... the website posting is FREE.

The address to send the obituary information and picture (s) to is:

Think about it.