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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Douglass-Slater & Langston Reunion Stories and Photos Are Ready!

Greetings, alumni, graduates and friends of Douglass High School Bristol, VA; Slater High School, Bristol, TN; Langston High School, Johnson City, TN; and friends and neighbors from other upper East Tennessee Tennessee schools!

I have finished the stories from the Douglass-Slater High Schools Reunion, and the Langston High School Reunion from Saturday, July 5th. The stories are now posted under the link NEWS OF OUR DOUGLASS FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS, and the pictures are posted in the PHOTO GALLERY. That link is on the main page. The video of the Douglass-Slater Parade is the only thing I am waiting on, and it is downloading as we speak. When finished, you'll be able to access it on both links.

Hopefully, everybody made it back home safe and sound. Thank all of you for letting me be a part of both your wonderful reunions.

Just go back to the main page, and click on the NEWS OF OUR DOUGLASS FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS and the PHOTO GALLERY links and you'll find them there.

Calvin Sneed