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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Upcoming Bond-Pierce Reunion

One of Riverview's biggest families, is gathering for its golden year Family Reunion.

The Bond-Pierce Family, will gather this coming Saturday, for the every-year get-together, this time, celebrating 50 years of existance.

At least 160-170 members of the Bond Family and the Pierce Family are expected this Saturday at 4 PM, at the Lifeline Center in Lynn Garden, right behind the Higher Ground Church.

Proclamations from Kingsport's Mayor, Tennessee's Governor, and House Speaker Ron Ramsey of Blountville will also be read at the gathering.

The Bond-Pierce Family Reunion always brings in folks from many states, among them California, Washington D.C, Texas, New Jersey, and Florida, plus Riverview in Kingsport. Chynet Bond says, new family members are being discovered all the time, and this reunion is no exception.. a new cousin has been found in Ohio, who had no idea of the family relationship he shares with the Riverview folks. He'll also be there.