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Friday, September 25, 2009

And The Winner Is.......

"Riverview Place."

This is the name that most of you have chosen over the past year, when our help was asked for, as residents and alumni, in naming the new HOPE VI redevelopment project that replaces the historic Riverview Apartments.
We've had the suggestions posted in articles on the website for quite some time, and several of you did respond with names for the development. We have left the article posted in this section for your consideration, and with the groundbreaking of the HOPE VI homes in Riverview just around the corner, it's generally thought that the names submitted were sufficient.

The names submitted and the votes they received were:

Riverview Place (8)
Riverview Estates (4)
The Gates at Riverview (with the spirit of a new gateway of change) (1)
Riverview Crossing (with the spirit of crossing over to a new era) (1)
Riverview Legacy Homes (1)
Douglass Village (Using Douglass retains heritage but also gives fresh spirit to the community) (1)
Riverview-Douglass Legacy Homes (1)
The Legacy Homes @ Riverview (1)
Riverview - "A Good Place To Come Home" (1)
Memory View Estates (1)

As you can see, of the names submitted over the past year, "Riverview Place" garnered more votes than the others.
Therefore, "Riverview Place" is the name that the Douglass Website will submit to the Kingsport Housing and Redevelopment Authority on behalf of everyone who submitted an idea to us, because it is the name that got the most votes for the new HOPE VI redevelopment project when we've asked for votes over the past year.
We thank everyone who took the time to send in a name and a vote. If there were other names out there, no one has ever gotten around to submitting them as requested.