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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Douglass-Riverview Featured on Chattanooga TV

INTERVIEW NOW POSTED IN THE PHOTO GALLERY: "Sons and Daughters of Douglass" on WTVC-TV, NewsChannel 9, Chattanooga (Adobe Flash Player required)

The Douglass High School Renovation, the HOPE VI project, the Sons and Daughters of Douglass website and all things Riverview were the topic of discussion on the television program "This-N-That" on WTVC-TV, NewsChannel 9 in Chattanooga.

Your webmaster is the Senior Anchor and Chief Investigative Reporter for that station, and I was invited on the show to talk about what's going on in our Kingsport Community, 200 miles away.

Host Don Welch and I talked about the renovation projects that are going on in Riverview, and how they impact the city as a whole. We also talked about life growing up in Riverview and how that one village raised many children.

Video of the Historic Riverview Apartments demolition was also shown, and how life will change when the HOPE VI homes are built. Chattanooga has experience with the HOPE VI revitilization, as the Alton Park Homes were taken down several years ago, and replaced with homes funded with that particular government grant.

Several Douglass High School trophies were also on display and mentioned during the interview, and the accomplishments of our Douglass athletes were highlighted.