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Monday, June 30, 2008

Can You Identify the People in the photo in the PHOTO GALLERY?

I just found this historic Riverview Picture from Central Baptist Church on Carver Street in Riverview. I also posted it in the PHOTO GALLERY.

Put on your thinking caps, and see who you can identify in the picture below..

HINT: It is a photo of the Central Baptist Sunday School from Easter Sunday, 1960NOTE: Click on the picture to make it the original size.. makes it easier to identify folks.

OK, Back row from L-R the first one I can make out is Janice Bowdwich (sp), Stokely(?), Starlee Pierce, Linda Campbell, Kathy Evans, Wanda Tarter (?). I lost where I was at but I remember seeing Laverne Bowdwitch. Then going from R-L (I think) Regina Bond, Mary Ann Bogus, Sherry Pierce, Natalie Smith, JoAnn Blye (?) Connie Ruffin, Georgia Ann Campbell, Linda & Karen Young, Tommy Whelchel, Carl Evans, Dennis Lytle, John Campbell, then L-R Kathy Bond, Gerri Lytle, Alea Pierce, Lena Pierce, Tony Bond, Calvin Sneed, Pud Hankins.

That's all I can make out so far and I'm sure I'm wrong on some of them.

Wonderful picture!
Vicki Smith

Any other guess? Please email your answers to:

Who can you name in this picture?