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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Amber Alert FAKE!

As I suspected..
The Amber Alert below is a fake.. a phoney..

FRAUD.. and a bunch of people fell for it.

I spoke directly to the Davidson County Criminal Justice Center.. if you call the number below listed for David Gleaves, it rings the main number for the Criminal Justice Center.

A spokesman in that office, tells me the Amber Alert about a 4-year-old boy is phony, and they have been getting many calls about it. She apologized that some people have nothing better to do, than to perpetrate a fraud, especially at Christmas. So of course, I called all the other numbers listed.. 2 of them are not valid, one of them the phone is off, and the other I left a message, telling them I'm notifying everybody of the fraud they're running down on people.

Folks, I've said this before.. do not believe everything you get in an email, unless you know the person sending it. The best way for scam artists to get to you, is by email, because for some reason, everybody tends to believe everything they read in them. What makes an email more believable than any other communication?

Scam artists used to knock on your door, you stopped opening it.
Scam artists used to send you stuff in the mail, you started throwing it out.
Scam artists used to call you on the phone; you got Caller I-D.
Scam artists are emailing you..
Get the picture?

This particular scam could have ended up COSTING YOU MONEY!