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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Daughters of Dunbar #344 Christmas Dinner

What would Christmas be without the Riverview Elks Lodge's Annual Holiday Dinner?

Folks enjoyed some real good eating this past Saturday, December 13th, courtesy of the Daughters of Dunbar Temple #344. It was good food, along with good fellowship.

"We've been hosting Christmas Dinner at least 20-25 years," says Lonnie Cox, member of the Clinch Mountain Elks Lodge #531 on MLK/Lincoln Street. "We try to do it right around this time every year for folks."

When you think of Christmas dinner, usually you think of ham, turkey and dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes, candied yams, potato salad, greens, green beans and assorted cakes and pies. Diners at the Elks Lodge got that and more, plus only the neighborhood friendliness that prevails all around the Riverview Community.

"We used to give out baskets," said Lonnie, "but we haven't done that in about 5 or 6years. Turnout for the Elks Lodge brothers' Christmas dinner was kinda low, so the Daughters of Dunbar Temple decided to hold one of their own, and the Brothers helped them out. We let 'em come down, everybody welcome to eat in or out."

Another annual tradition is the delivery of Christmas dinners to the sick and shut-in. "We served about 45 or 50 dinners to our folks that couldn't come down to the lodge to eat. They are always welcome to come, but if they can't make it, we'll get a good, hot Christmas dinner to 'em. Our folks come together every year, to make sure everybody is served."

The Christmas tradition continues!

"And to all... a good night."