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Sunday, April 19, 2009

"And the Walls Came Tumbling Down:" The Douglass Auditorium is Gone

The Historic Douglass Auditorium is now just that.. history.

The building was razed this past week (April 14th - August 17th) by the demolition crews hired by the City of Kingsport.

The auditorium and the adjoining former Douglass bandroom were the other two structures scheduled for demolition, in the renovation of the V.O. Dobbins Community Center. The city plans to turn the building into Kingsport's non-profit center, where all of the area's non-profit agencies will be housed conveniently in one location. A three-story tower will be built on the site of the Douglass Auditorium.

One of the non-profit organizations getting a new home in the renovated building will be the Douglass High School Alumni Association of Kingsport.

To see live, dramatic video of the demolition, please click here LIVE VIDEO Douglass Auditorium Demolition. You'll need the Adobe 9 Flash Player installed on your computer.

For more pictures of the demolition, please click here PICTURES: Douglass Auditorium Demolition