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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Douglass High School Alumni Trustee Board Meeting 6/27/09

Minutes, June 27, 2009


Members present:

Louetta Hall, Linda Bly, Sandra Wilmer, Calvin Sneed, Thelma Watterson, Ethel Russell, Virginia Hankins, Andra Watterson, Dawnella Ellis, Lillian Leeper, Sheila Leeper, Pamela Sensabaugh, Lonnie Cox, Wallace W. Ross, Jr.

Meeting was called to order by President Douglas Releford, with prayer by Chaplin Ethel Russell.

Minutes of the last meeting was read by Recording Secretary, Thelma Watterson. Motion to accept the reading of the minutes with the necessary corrections was made by Lillian Leeper, second by Pamela Sensabaugh. Motion carried.

Ricky Hancock, the publisher of the Reunion Souvenir Book told the group he did not have all of the ads and pictures in the booklet but not to worry, it is just a matter of dressing them up a bit. He asked if there were any changes that needed to be made, just let him know. He and Calvin Sneed took pictures of the board members, to be put in the Souvenir Book.


Virginia Hankins stated that regarding Kohl’s, we have four dates to use the Kohl‘s employees. Lonnie Cox stated that we need to clean-up our adopted site at the Douglass Ball Field, and Jenny said that would be a good opportunity to use Kohl’s employees to clean up our adopted site.

Andra Watterson talked about the menu for the upcoming Reunion.

Louetta Hall said that we need to vote on the number of trays that we will need Friday. She made a motion to order two meat trays, two sandwich trays, one vegetable tray and one cheese tray. It was noted that the crackers and chips would not be bought with monies from the treasure. Motion to accept was made by Louetta Hall, second by Virginia Hankins. Motion carried.

Dawnella Ellis stated that those that will be singing in the Douglass Chorus to meet at Bethel AME Zion Church at 3:00 pm Saturday to practice.

Virginia Hankins asked if we have any vendors for Field Day. President Douglas Releford stated that we have two and they will send the money later.

Louetta Hall wants those that are going to be in the 4th of July Parade to meet at her house (917 Maple St.) at 8:00am Saturday morning and wear you Douglass T-Shirts or your golf shirt.


Election of officers for 2009 - 2011

President: Douglas Releford
Vice President: Lillian Leeper
Correspondence Secretary: Pamela Sensabaugh
Treasurer: Sandra Wilmer
Recording Secretary: Thelma Watterson
Chaplin: Louetta Hall
Sergeant-At-Arms: Andra Watterson

Permanent positions:
Webmaster, Public Relations Manager: Calvin Sneed
Food services: Van Dobbins, Jr.

Motion to accept the election of officers was made by Calvin Sneed, seconded by Andra Watterson, a show of hands showed the approval. Motion carried.

Virginia Hankins wanted to know about the decorations for the Banquet Hall. Douglas Releford stated that those that are going to decorate be at the hall at around 5:30pm.

Thelma Watterson read a letter addressed to a scholarship applicant, Sandra Wilmer made a motion that the Scholarship Committee will use that letter as the official scholarship letter, second by Virginia Hankins. Motion carried.

Wallace Ross, Jr. wanted to know if we were going to amend the by-laws. Douglas Releford stated that Virginia Hankins had made an amendment to the by-laws a couple of weeks ago.

Louetta Hall donated a couple of magnetic signs to place on the vehicles that are in the parade.

The Registration Committee for the Reunion:
Sandra Wilmer, Thelma Watterson, Andra Watterson, Virginia Hankins

Hospitality Committee for the Reunion:
Ethel Ruth Russell, Sheila Leeper, Pamela Sensabaugh, Andra Watterson, Lillian Leeper, Sandra Wilmer

Packets were then filled for our upcoming reunion the weekend of July 3-5, 2009.

Motion for adjournment was made by President Douglas Releford, second by Sheila Leeper.

Respectfully Submitted,
Thelma Watterson, Recording Secretary