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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rhythm In Riverview: Working on Pictures & the Longest Soul Train Dance Line

Pictures from the Rhythm In Riverview pictures are in the pipeline.. there are well over 300 of them, and they should be marked and ready shortly.

If you missed it, you missed a most wonderful evening. Our own Vic Danger and his Voo Doo Doctors were, once again, show stoppers.. you'll see that in the pictures. As I write this article on one computer, I am uploading pictures into our photo server on another computer, and labeling pictures on still a third computer.

Also, I'm working to verify the exact number of dancers in the "World's Longest Soul Train Dance Line." Because it has to be an exact number for the Guinness Book of World Records folks, the verification process has me looking at 3 separate videos of the event, then matching up everybody in all three videos, and counting them one person at a time. Because it has to be exact, it is a pain-staking, tedious process, because we have to be exact and accurate, plus making sure that the people in the pictures are actually dancing, and not just walking through the line, like a few folks were.

As of this writing, I am waiting on one other piece of video from ground level to go through.

We needed only 200 dancers to set the standard, and right now, we stand at 208. Folks, that is a whole lot of people, even though it doesn't seem like it. Especially if you are counting heads. Please bear with me.