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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Update on Rev. Anthony Daniels

"He is resting comfortably, and is doing well."

That word from U-T Medical Center, as our own Rev. Anthony Daniels is recuperating from a serious auto accident near Pineville on Thursday, July 19th. He was transferred to UT Medical Center in Knoxville from the Pineville Community hospital on Friday.

According to his daughter Gloria (Beth), Rev. Daniels sustained a slight head injury. According to the Mayo Clinc, any traumatic head injury is onsidered by doctors to be "serious" until the patient shows cognitive skill ability, and no loss of memory or motor functions.

Rev. Daniels is in the Trauma-Neuro Critical Care area of the Intensive Care Unit for monitoring and treatment in a room like the one at left, but could be transferred to a room very soon. He's said to be very sore, and because of the head trauma, has a neck brace to keep him from moving his head for now.

Bert Webb, who visited him in the ICU, reports he recognized her immediately, which is a good sign, considering the head trauma. At UT Hospital, intensive care patients can have visitors, but only 2 at a time in the ICU. That should expand, once he is moved to a room.

As soon as that happens, we'll let you know, to send get-well cards, letters and flowers.

Please continue to pray for Rev. Daniels and his family, and for his speedy recovery.