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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Youth Gospel Explosion: To God Be the Glory!

Saturday, October 6th was somewhat chilly in Riverview.

But it wasn't cold enough to keep people from praisin' the Lord!

A Slideshow of the 2012 Youth Gospel Explosion

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The 5th annual Youth Gospel Explosion warmed people up quickly in the Douglass ballfield, as they gathered under the big tent to be treated to musical songs, praise-dancing, and soloists.

"Our purpose is to empower the young people of the community," says organizer Lisa Williamson. "We want to show them how to put God First in their lives. It takes a lot to go out into the world prepared, but if they can go out in spirit and truth under the leadership of the Lord, they can find the truth, peace and understanding they need to make it."

8 groups participated in the musical event, sponsored by the CBS alumni group. Refreshments were also provided.