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Friday, May 18, 2007

African Ancestor's Prayer

This was an Ancestor's Prayer at Mrs. Ethel Ruth Russell's birthday party celebration. Some of you may have heard it before. It applies to each and every Douglass Alumni, and Riverview/South Central Kingsport resident:

Ancestor's Prayer

Our great African Parents who are among us, we humbly offer our thanks fo the many blessings You have given.

We extend our love to its ultimate state of being for the suffering that You have endured, so that we may not suffer so.

Mothers of our Great African Nation, Fathers of our African Selves, we invoke You to further lead and guide us to a higher understanding of our true greatness, and a more encompassing dedication of love for our African People.

Parents of all African Children, guide us toward a great unity, guide us in a stronger African System, and lead us into the zenith of respect and love for our people, through education and the "Family Communal Structure."

We swear upon the heritage and legacy that You have left us, to uphold and sustain our rightful status on this Earth, and to continue the struggle for the total mental and physical liberation of all African People.