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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Douglass Alumni Reunion Committee Meeting Of May 5th



A very lively and spirited meeting of the Douglass Reunion Committee on Saturday, May 5th. Present at the meeting were Douglass Reunion Committee President Louetta Hall, and members Ed Horton, Andra Watterson, Thelma Watterson, Ozine Bly, James Bly, Peaches Bly, Kathy Bradford, Sheila Leeper, Virginia Hankins, Vicki Smith, Sandra Wilmer, Van Dobbins, Jr., George (Ronnie Smith), and Calvin Sneed.

The Douglass, Riverview, and South Central Kingsport Community has had so many passings during the past few months and indeed, during the past two years. It was agreed that our friends, relatives and extended families will receive special acknowledgements of sympathy during their time of sorrow.

George (Ronnie) Smith presented an update on the Douglass Alumni Scholarship Golf Tournament, to be played on Saturday morning, June 30th, starting at 8:30 AM sharp. Ronnie told the group he's expecting 30 to 38 alumni to take part in the tourney, with the money raised from the registrations funding our Douglass scholarships. Those scholarships are available for senior high school descendants of Douglass alumni regardless of where they or the alumni live now, that are going to college next year. Also eligible are FIRST-YEAR college students who are also descendants of Douglass Alumni. The entry fee is 15 dollars, and the greens fee is 40 dollars, payable on Saturday morning.

Ed Horton, who heads the scholarship essay applications committee, reports that the deadline for essays passed on May 1st, and so far, only one essay has been received. It was agreed that since students and parents might have a lot going on right now, with college preparations and such, that the essay deadline is now extended to JUNE 1ST. Folks, free money is just that.. FREE. This is a great opportunity to get some extra FREE money to help fund the first part of your child's education, always the hardest time. Please get them busy sending us an essay. You can download a copy of the essay scholarship application form, by clicking the application link on the home page of our website.

The menu for our Douglass Alumni Reunion BANQUET has now been set, and if your taste buds can handle it, "here it go":
ENTREES: your choice of Chicken Marsala or Roast Beef from a carving station.
STARCHES: your choice of Roasted Garlic Red-skinned potatoes or long-grained Wild Rice.
VEGETABLES: Southern Style Green Beans or Broccoli Casserole
SALAD, with your choice of raspberry vinagrette, ranch or bleu cheese dressings.
A freshly baked dinner ROLL, with butter or margarine.
A wide assortment of favorite DESSERTS.
COFFEE (regular and decaf) or ICED TEA.

The Alumni packets that you'll pick up at registration and/or at Field Day, will include at least 19 or more items and mementos of interest, including your Douglass Alumni booklet. We also decided on logo's to be put on the decanters you can buy during the reunion. This year, our booklet is dedicated to the memory of all our Douglass Teachers, and will also include our School history, colors and wonderful Tiger mascot. Our meeting of June 23rd at 1 PM will be the packing day for those packets (volunteers are welcome to help stuff those).

Linda (Peaches) Bly is our Mistress of Ceremonies for the Memorial Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Sunday, July 1st at 3 PM. For the Candlelight Lighting ceremony, we have had so many beloved Douglass Alumni leave us since the last Reunion, and we sure don't want to leave anybody out or miss anyone. Please let us know if you have had a Douglass Alumnus pass away during the past two years so we can honor their memory in the ceremony. Our speaker for the Memorial Service is Mary Lee Bond Ervin, whom we all know is Buddy Bond's sister. She's a very good speaker and will help us honor our School's history and memory. Ed Horton, also a motivational speaker will speak at the Banquet on Saturday night.

Our next meeting will be on June 2nd at 1 PM in the Fellowship Hall at St. Mark's in Kingsport. Please join us in finalizing plans for your Douglass Alumni Reunion!