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Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Salute To the Douglass High School Boys From Kingsport In Service


On this Memorial Day, 2007, we reprint this salute printed in the 1944 Douglass Annual to our heroic soldiers from Douglass High School who served our country in World War II.


Here's to the boys from Douglass High
Who serve for Uncle Sam
God, make them strong and brave and free
This war is not a sham.

You will not fail, nor be dismayed
Because you love Peace so,
Stick to your job, and wrong upbraid
And let trite trivials go.

Now, take the spirit of the school
Long may it ever last
Fight, Conquer, Defend and Rule
Our heritage from the past.

Your burden will be long and hard
That you will have to bear
But on this ground, we'll ever plod
Seeking your Victory in prayer.

Some may return to Douglass High
Some may not lucky be
But may God guide you constantly
On land and on the sea.

SPECIAL NOTE: As we reflect on the service of our African-American servicemen during the GREAT WAR, we also pay tribute to ALL of our soldiers who also served in the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the First Persian Gulf War, and it is our sincere hope that EVERY soldier and service man and woman representing from Riverview and South Central Kingsport over in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, soon return safe and well to their loved ones and neighbors here at home! Please send them the link to the Douglass website, so that they may, too, keep up with events here at home. In the meantime, Dear God, please watch over them and bring them home safe and sound soon!