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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great Commission's Great Get-Together!

Beautiful weather went along with the beautiful bargains folks could get, at the Great Commission Yard and Food Sale, held Saturday, October 3, 2009 in the parking lot at the corner of East Sevier and Center Street.

To see pictures of the event, click on Great Commission Fall Yard Sale.

"We've got just a little bit of everything," says Pastor Matthew Thomas. "We've got baby clothes, a lot of women's clothes, and a lot of stuff that people just accumulate over time, and they just wanted to get rid of it. We have a kerosene heater, tires, you-name-it, pictures. It's been a joy watching folks trying on things, and getting some great bargains in the process. You'd be surprised how things can collect dust in a closet somewhere. This was the perfect opportunity, and it's drawn people from all over. We've had a great spot, and there's been good road traffic here."

The event was also a good event to come hungry to.

"We had baked goods," he says, "everything from cookies to cakes and other baked goods. The biggest seller today was the fried fish sandwiches that went pretty well, but we also had hot dogs, chicken, everything you need to shop on a full stomach."

The Great Commission Church holds the event twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

"We started the program last year," says Pastor Thomas, "and in our second year, we're happy to say, this event is bigger than last year. In fact, it's bigger than the sales event we held in the spring.

But nothing goes to waste, as in, back to the homes they came from. Whatever is not sold, the church donates to the Salvation Army.

Passersby on East Center and East Sevier were also treated to some great music. "We play some up-tempo music, to let the people know that the church is not at all borning," he says, "that we serve a real, living God, and we believe in serving him in a real way."

The music seemed to have an enthusiastic effect on folks, spurring them to dance and Praise the Lord, even while some great sales bargains were going on.

"This is three-fold event for us," Pastor Thomas says. "We're raising funds for our building fund, since we've just purchased a new building on Chestnut Street, and we're doing some remodeling on it. And then, one of the most important ways to support each other as church members, is to fellowship together outside the church. This gives us a chance to get together, and thirdly, we use this as an evangelistic tool. We're spreading the Word of God by fellowship, evangelism and also helping the church's building fund."

Pastor Thomas has been ministering at the Great Commission Church for about six years, and the church has been around for about eight years.

"We invite folks to come by and taste our style of Gospel, sort of like a restaurant menu," he says. "We may not be for everybody. We're kinda upbeat in the ministry and the message that I preach is upbeat, a more practical style of ministry. I use everyday experiences and events to live in the Word. When people come to events like this one today, and see how we enjoy each other's company, it brings us to the church."

According to Pastor Thomas, "praise is a wonderful, spiritual message, much like the one we're delivering here today. The Bible says, we should show forth some PRAISE, and he has called us out of darkness for that very reason."

"So, come by and check us out," he says. "The same fellowship here in this parking lot, is the same type of fellowship, helping each other out, that you'll see in church every Sunday. See that the Lord is good, and get ready for the Spirit to move you in a good way, especially if you don't have a church home.. stop by, visit us and check us out."