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Sunday, August 15, 2010

AHERN's Distinguished African-American Awards Banquet

"How well we support and embrace our African-American leaders and youth, will determine the future of our communities and our nation."

With that theme from AHERN President and CEO Rev. H. Roger Mills, Jr., the 2nd Annual DAPS Awards was held on Friday night, August 13, 2010, in the Holiday Inn Ballroom in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Please click here to see a slideshow of the DAPS Awards Banquet in Johnson City.

Please click here for downloadable pictures from the DAPS Awards Banquet in Johnson City.

AHERN Magazine, formally Fellowship Today Newsmagazine, stands for African American Health, Education, Religion, News , and the newsmagazine was founded July 12, 2005 by Rev. Mills, with the purpose of improving and establishing communication throughout Morristown/Hamblen County, TN., and Northeast Tennessee. The scope of the magazine in black communities now reaches from Chattanooga on it southern end, to Bristol on its northern end. The DAPS Awards stand for Distinguished African American Pastors, Professionals, and Students.

Guest speaker for the 2010 Banquet was Dr. Janice Marie Houston-Little, retired school teacher in the Albany, New York School District. Dr. Houston-Little is also a licensed Psychotherapist and Writer in Albany, and a native of East Tennessee.

Dr. Houston-Little published a book this year, entitled "African-American Men and their Daughters," with emphasis that "the most powerful relationship an African-American woman will ever have with a male, is the one she has, or doesn't have, with her father. If young African-American girls grow up with a loving involved father in her life, the young girl seems to do well and lead a balanced life. She doesn't seem haunted by serious emotional and physical illnesses. While on the other hand, when a young girl does not have an relationship with her father, or one that she perceives is less than adequate, serious issues may occur."

"I wrote about what I know the most about," Dr. Houston-Little said in an interview after the banquet. "I continue the research because there's something new every day. One of the most helpful things the research has shown me, is how it works in prisons where I minister. When I leave, there are men who want to give me a not to get it to their daughters. It is to say 'I'm sorry. I'm sorry I beat your mother. I'm sorry I abuse you when you were a child.' As many notes as I get, I take 'em and I look for the daughters and I deliver the notes, because that's my mission."

"If you got a daughter and you're estranged from her, go find her," Dr. Houston-Little told the group. "Some people say to me 'their mama's not gonna like it,' and I say 'so WHAT?' You know, down in your heart that if you got a daughter somewhere, I'm gonna ask you to go find her."

After the address from Dr. Houston-Little, came the presentation of the DAPS Awards.

In the 2010 Student of the Year category, the winners are:

Honorable Mention: Mr. Alvin Hill, Mr. William Leeper

2nd Runner-Up: Desmond Pierce

1st Runner-Up: Ms. Alexandria Rodriquez

Winner: Ms. Sidney Goins (not present)

In the 2010 Professional of the Year category, the winners are:

Honorable Mention: Mrs. Pearl Luvene, Mr. Robert White

2nd Runner-up: Mrs. Phyllis Young Nichols (not present)

1st Runner-up: Mr. Calvin Sneed

Winner: Ms. Kathy Dykes Sims

In the 2010 Pastor of the Year category, the winners are:

Honorable Mention: Rev. Frederick Brabson, Sr.
Rev. Dr. Paul McDaniel

2nd Runner-Up: Rev. Jesse Jones

1st Runner-Up: Rev. Pamela Hoard

Winner: Rev. Leroy Franklin (not present)

2010 President's Award: The Hasson Street Christian Church, Rogersville

2010 AHERN Reporter of the Year: Jacqueline Collins