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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Televising Live Events in Riverview & Kingsport

Right now, we're working on the link to be able to once again, stream events live on the Douglass website.

It's a complex situation which ended about 2 years ago, but has hopefully returned again and is getting worked out. This coming Saturday, I'll be testing several reception sites around Riverview. The story behind the connection is an interesting one, that ironically affects every Riverview resident who has a computer. Watch for the story coming up soon, on this page.

If the connection is re-established, we'll bring back our live streaming coverage, with the Douglass Alumni Board meeting this coming Saturday, beginning around 1 PM.

Right now, all we can say is, click the "PLAY" button on the TV screen on the main website page, around 1 PM on Saturday. If you see something, the connection has been re-established again. If you don't see anything and the circle keeps rotating in the center of the picture, the connection is not valid yet, and we'll continue working on it.

At any rate, we'll have a story about the meeting AND the live coverage, here at the NEWS AND CURRENT EVENTS link, this next week.