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Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Let Us Break Bread Together in Riverview"


Thanksgiving 2007 is long gone now, but for many folks, one of the highlights of the holiday was sitting down and fellowshipping with their friends and neighbors, courtesy of the Elks Lodge on Lincoln Street in Kingsport.

There was plenty of fried chicken, ham, turkey with all the trimmings, green beans, potato salad, corn, sweet potatoes, rolls and dessert with a drink for all to feast on. The "Community Appreciation Dinner" was free to all, sponsored by the Brothers of Clinch Mountain Lodge #531 and the Daughters of Dunbar Temple #344.

It was a wonderful time for folks both in Riverview-South Central and those from out of town, to get together and share a good, old-fashion neighborhood home-cooked meal just like the old days.

Many folks spent the time catching up on the lives of their friends and neighbors, and the air was filled with a wonderful kitchen smell, that was mindful of the days of old, when neighbors shared their dinner tables, and the kids ate to their fill.

The Appreciation Dinner was a prelude to the great Riverview Apartments Reunion that happened immediately after dinner. More on that historic event to come shortly, and the pictures taken of apartment residents in front of their particular apartments, an event that was well represented. More on that special event in the coming days; please watch for it!