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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Two Letters About Highland's Drug Problem From Residents

These are two letters, published in the Kingsport Times-News on Thursday, 11/1, from Highland Residents about their drug dealer problems.. The drug dealers are alleged to have been run out of Riverview and into their community:

Drug problem is being addressed

In reference to Mr. Clark’s comments about the drug problem in Highland, the police have been working with the people in Highland about the drug problem. There have been houses raided, cars have been pulled over and people taken to jail. The difference between Highland and Riverview is we don’t have the substations or police patrolling our streets every 30 minutes or stopping the cars. We sat and watched two cars racing side by side down Spring Street one evening. Sometimes our calls to the police department are not answered. A lot of the drug traffickers moved up here to Highland, so evidently a lot of the drugs weren’t cleaned out. Also we have a neighborhood watch.

Larry Collins Kingsport

No one cares about Highland

Re. Mr. Clark’s letter about drug activity in Highland, I live on Highland Street, and I am dealing with the same problems. I have tried my best to get it noticed, but it hasn’t helped. My car got broken into in May, and there was nothing done. They took a report, but that was it. I have had problems with the drugs for the past three years. I have lived here for eight years. It’s like no one cares. It’s all about the money that other people can take and make. I have tried to get Highland noticed by the police department and the city. I did get one return call from the city, but then we got put back on the back burner.
I am proud of my neighborhood, and I try every chance I get to stand up for it. I make the public aware of our situations, but it seems like no one cares because it is a small neighborhood that doesn’t have these nice fancy houses that bring in as much taxes. But guess what, we pay our taxes, we pay our bills just like everyone else. We all put our clothes on the same way. So our community should be treated like all others. We want our community clean and free of drugs and break-ins. Please help us fix our community.
Amy Hartsock