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Thursday, November 8, 2007

More Comments About The Drug Problem In Highland

City should look at Highland

Re. the Highland area, Mr. Clark is correct. I do not live in the area; however, someone that I love and care about has lived there for over 60 years.
The residents previously owned their houses. Now they are owned by people that have turned them into Section 8 houses, government housing for the mentally disabled, a lot of which is self-inflicted because of alcohol and illegal drug abuse. This summer has become particularly bad. I have watched public drunkenness — they literally crawl on the sidewalk while intoxicated. I have observed falling at two residences in particular. Just last weekend I saw two people arrested and one taken by medics to the hospital. Some of the drunks have superior attitudes that seem to be backed up by their enabling relatives. You know the old saying “out of sight, out of mind.” If the relatives can’t see the drunks they are related to, then they are not as aggravated by their actions.
The odd thing is the relatives who enable the drunkards’ actions are so religious. We as the Model City have a big reproach in Kingsport. I’d like the Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldermen to tour the area and see for themselves. Include Nathan Bly from KHRA.
Doris Early