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Sunday, September 21, 2008

VIDEOS: Willie Horton on Coming Home and his Legacy

It's an exclusive video interview with former Detroit slugger Willie Horton in the PHOTO GALLERY. Willie talks candidly about his career, coming home to Southwest Virginia, the honor of being inducted into the Southwest Virginia Museum Walk of Fame, and what he wants young people to realize from his struggle to be the best in Major League Baseball.

A separate video shows Willie accepting his induction award into the Southwest Virginia Walk of Fame.

Willie Horton is an inspiration to everyone, but especially African-Americans in Southwest Virginia and Upper East Tennessee. Congratulations to him, on being one of two African-American inaugural inductees, and one of 23 total inductees, into the Southwest Virginia Museum Walk of Fame!

NOTE: You will need the Adobe Flash Player to see the video and remember.. don't move your mouse while the video is playing back.