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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary to the Douglass Alumni Webpage

When we envisioned this webpage more than a year ago, we were seeking a way to celebrate the history and tradition of the former Douglass High School of Kingsport, the Riverview neighborhood, and the heritage of South Central Kingsport. A year later, this website has far exceeded our wildest dreams. It isn’t just about Douglass Alumni. It has grown into a vehicle for conveying ideas and information about the entire community.

As we begin our second year, let’s pause to offer a special “thank you” to our webmaster, Calvin Sneed. God blessed Calvin with the gift of communications. He is using that gift to benefit us in a very special way. He has given his time freely and worked on our webpage for the simple joy of achievement. The news he has passed along about our hometown, our families and friends—both real and extended—has been “priceless.”

Speaking on behalf of “out of towners” across the country, we appreciate how the website has masterfully documented activities and changes occurring back home. Everybody hate the word “change,” but yet, it is the only thing that has brought progress.

Working together, we can make this webpage even better than it already is. As you make your New Year’s resolutions, do three things. First, reach out for Calvin and thank him for his brilliant work. Second, reach out for others and tell them about our webpage. (We still have friends and “sons and daughters” who don’t know the webpage exists. Let’s touch them this year). Finally, let’s continue to share our news, photographs, and memorabilia. Pass it along to Calvin. He’s committed to publishing “all the news that is the news.”

Finally, while some of us graduated from D-B (or from other schools), this website validates that we were first educated at Douglass. Long live the spirit of the Tigers!

Have A Blessed New Year
Don Hickman
Roberta Webb Lanauze