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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Black Talent on Display: The 1978 D-B Talent Show

As discussions continue about bringing the new D-B Ebony Club under the sponsorship and guidance of the Douglass Alumni Association, one thing that has received a very positive response in the community, is the return of the Ebony Club Talent Show.

Past talent shows have showcased much of the musical and theatrical abilities of our young African-American children and students. These talent shows are a direct offshoot of the plays, shows and musicals that were required of every Douglass High School class generations ago.


Principal and Professor V.O. Dobbins, Sr. made it mandatory that the talents of every student be featured in those shows every single year. Many of us overcame severe stage fright to play musical instruments, recite poetry, perform skits and generally entertain our Riverview-South Central audience with our various talents.

In the PHOTO GALLERY are some prime examples of the talent that came 12 years after Douglass closed. Thanks to Tim Mullen, you can see the African-American talent on display for the year 1978 in the 1978 Dobyns-Bennett High School Talent Show. You'll need the free Adobe 9 Flash Player to view the videos.