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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday, Mrs. Willie Kate Bradford!

She's one of the Mothers of the Riverview Community. A great friend, a mom to all, a shoulder to lean on, and one of the first residents of the neighborhood. She's also a long-time evangelist, ministering to the community the Word of God, both in spirit, in words and in song.

She has just celebrated a milestone.

Evangelist Willie Kate Bradford has just celebrated her 90th birthday, and you're invited to her birthday party.

Click here to attend the 90th birthday party for Mrs. Willie Kate Bradford.

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The event was hosted by the family and Pastor Lillian Turner at the Mt. Zion Holiness Church on Dunbar Street, and it was truly a wonderful event, celebrating one of our own.

If you see her, be sure and wish Mrs. Willie Kate a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!