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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Special Weather Statement for Riverview - South Central Kingsport

For all residents.. the next weather system will move into Riverview and South Central Kingsport tonight through Saturday..

There is a low pressure system moving northeast from Texas and the Gulf of Mexico tonight, that will bring heavy rain to the area. Minor flooding may be possible along the Riverview streets already under duress from the construction trucks in the neighborhood.

And here's the thing to watch.

Unlike last Saturday's snow storm that came in on the FRONT side of the system, this weather event may be on the BACK side of it. Temperatures will be cold enough through Saturday, that, while the precipitation may start out and last for a while as a cold rain, you may find snow flurries, sleet and then all snow mixed in with it as it leaves the area by Friday night and Saturday. Some of that may stick to the streets and sidewalks, so this may not be a weekend to get out much. Just be careful.

For Riverview and South Central Kingsport, I don't expect this system to be as bad as the last 3 (especially last Saturday), but that could change and it does bear watching closely.