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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Message from Alumni President Doug Releford

We are planning a bus or van trip to Nashville on Friday, February 19th, to the morning meeting of the Tennessee Historical Commission, where they will consider our proposal for an Historical Marker for the Douglass School. The meeting starts at 10:15 AM EST.

We need to know how many of our Alumni can go with us that day, as a big show of support to the Commission for this worthwhile effort to recognize our school, the largest African-American School in Upper East Tennessee, and one of the largest in Tennessee at the time.

Seats would be either 20 or 25 dollars, depending on how many can go. Some folks have already committed, and we need to have an exact count.

Our plan is to meet with the Nashville Douglass Alumni and our Upper East Tennessee legislative delegation at the meeting, then have lunch afterwards, before returning to Kingsport that afternoon.

Please let us know as soon as possible, either to me at, or Calvin at

Douglas Releford, President
The Douglass Alumni Association - Kingsport